Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon 2017 Terms and Conditions

1. Eligibility for Entry

Brisbane 24 Hour Photo marathon is an event open to both Australian residents and non-residents, who are 18 years of age or older. Those under the age of 18 require a parent/guardian to enter the event, the parent/guardian must accompany the underage participant for the full duration of the event.
All entrants must complete all sections of the online entry form
Entrants of the digital categories (DSLR/Compact/Camera Phone) will receive an information starter kit via mail that includes their lanyard & entry ID. Entries received or processed on or after 29th September 2017 will require to be picked up at Photo Mission’s office between 9:00am and 5:00pm at Unit 22/670 Gympie Road Lawnton QLD 4501.
Personal information provided as part of entry will not be disclosed without your consent for any other purpose unless required by law.

2. Rules of Engagement

Photographs must be taken on the 14th and/or 15th October 2017 with a device that falls within your entry category specifications.
Entrants must specify their chosen category (DSLR/Compact/Camera Phone/35mm Film) on their entry form. All submitted photographs must be produced on a device that fits their chosen category. All photographs do not have to be taken on the same device e.g. If an entrants camera device fails due to a technical reason, the entrant can continue with a different device from the same category.
Photographs must be taken in/of areas where it is legal to do so, photographs captured while trespassing in a prohibited area will not be considered when submitted as an entry. Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon reserve the right to request proof of legal access should a photograph be questioned.
Images must be the original work of the entrant. No third party may enter on behalf of another individual unless a parent /guardian entering on behalf of a minor.

3. Photograph Submission

Photograph entries must be submitted in JPG format. Entrants may submit colour and/or black and white images. A minimum dimension of 800 pixels along both sides of the image is required. 72dpi is acceptable. Photographs must not exceed a file size of 10MB.
All photograph submission must have no manipulation beyond colour correction, conversion to black & white, brightness and contrast adjustments and minor cropping – judges may ask to see the original un-edited image. The photographs are not to be watermarked.
The entrant must have the written, signed and dated permission of any people appearing in the image submitted. The entrant must be able to produce evidence of permission from subject if requested during the judging process.
All image files are to be uploaded by the method provided in your welcome pack which will be sent to you after your entry is processed. Entrants may be required to submit their entry with a higher resolution version for reproduction/exhibition purposes if requested.

4. Judging and Prizes

All photograph submissions will be judged by a panel who will consider elements of creativity and originality. There will be only one winner for each category.
Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon organisers or a representative will announce winners by 18th November 2017.
Prizes are as stated on the Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon website.
Every approved entry will be considered for judging, the decision of the judges will be final.
Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon employees and sponsors may enter the Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon 2017 event, however they will not be eligible for prizes.

5. Online Gallery

The online gallery will display the top 30 images from each category

6. Copyright

Upon submission of an entry to the Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon you, as the owner of the image grant Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon the right to: Maintain a copy of the image for archival purposes.

You warrant that you are the legal owner of all copyright of the artwork or have obtained all necessary approvals to permit the submission of the image to Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon

While you retain copyright of the image, you grant permission for the image to be used for promotional and publicity purposes relating to the Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon and for the image to be promoted through social media sites.

Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon will acknowledge the photographer in all publicity as the creator and owner of the image.

While Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon will take care to ensure the quality and integrity of the reproduced artwork, you acknowledge that enlargements and slight variations to the image may result from adapting the original artwork to the largescale format required for future promotional presentations.

7. 35mm Film Category Conditions

Only solo shooters can enter, there is no team option for this category
The Brisbane 12 Hour 35mm Film Photomarathon will start 9:00am Saturday 14th Oct entrants will have a roll of 24 Fujifilm film ISO400 on which to shoot on, the 12 briefs will be released on the Facebook page for the event at 9:00am the entrants have up to 9:00pm to capture the 12 images, there is no minimum numbers of hours you need to compete for, as soon as you have captured your 12 briefs you’re finished.
Briefs can be shot out of order, but details of the order will need to be recorded and emailed to the organisers, there are 6 safety shots allowed where you can reshoot a scene e.g. Flash didn’t fire, someone or something ran through your shot etc, details to be noted.
The images can be taken anywhere in Australia, but must be captured in the 12 hour period of the event. The negatives and the digital scans remain the property of the photographer and will be returned after judging.
Your roll of film delivery and drop off options will be emailed to you so you can decide how you will receive it, when your entry is processed.

8. Special Conditions

Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon assumes no responsibility for any incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information/images received in relation to the Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon

Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon reserves the right change the dates and times due to weather, safety concerns and or other circumstances.

Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon reserves the right change to change the rules or conditions any time prior to the event starting with exception to the copyright clause.

Wet weather, the event will proceed with light rain unless BOM severe weather is issued, a stop the clock option maybe used or the event maybe shortened.

*This information is correct as of at the 30/6/2017 may change without notice